Google Search Console is a free tool created by Google to help website owners maintain and monitor their website in Google search. It has several features that let you give information about your site to Google. You can also see how Google views your site, plus you’ll get Google search stats for your site.

Do I need Google Search Console for my Website to appear in Google search?

No, Google doesn’t use Google Search Console as a requirement for your website to appear on its search results pages. This is because Google uses multiple methods to find website pages to add to its index.

However, using Google Search Console is highly recommended. It is free and, when used properly, can help you and provide you with information that will improve your position in Google search.

What can I do with Google Search Console?

  • Submit a sitemap to Google to help it find all the pages on your website
  • Confirm how many of your website’s pages are in the Google index
  • See when and how often Google crawls your website
  • Use the Fetch as Google tool to see how Google views your site
  • See errors Google has identified on your website
  • See a list of sites that link to yours
  • Make requests for Google to re-index content on your site that you have updated

What Google search performance statistics will I have access to?

Google Search Console provides you with several different metrics that can help you monitor the performance of your site in Google search. This includes:

  • Total impressions your site has had in Google search
  • Total clicks
  • Click-through rate
  • The average position of your website when it appears on Google search results pages
  • The search queries that people used for the search results pages that your website appeared on

Is it easy to set up?

You don’t need to sign up for Google Search Console as it is available to you using your existing Google account. You have to submit your website, though, and Google will then want you to verify that you are the authorised owner of the site.

This is the part where you may need the help of an SEO agency in Auckland as the verification process can be technical. Once you are set up, however, you will have access to everything you need.

Do I still need an SEO agency in Auckland if I have Google Search Console?

Most probably, yes. Google Search Console won’t optimise your website for Google search. It won’t give you all the information you need to optimise your site either, and it won’t create or implement an SEO strategy. You need an SEO agency for all these things.

In other words, Google Search Console is a great tool – arguably an essential tool – to help with your overall SEO efforts, but you still need an effective strategy. Unless you can develop and implement an SEO strategy in-house, you will need to hire an SEO agency.

Getting Started with Google Search Console

Google Search Console will only take a few minutes to get set up. You might then need to wait a few days for Google to populate it with information. After that, you should check it regularly, particularly when you receive a notification about a site error.