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Search Engine Marketing


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Search Engine Marketing

A transparent approach.

It’s time to grab the attention of your online audience.

You need a competitive edge that gains you more exposure than your rivals. And instant visibility at the top of SERPs is the way to get it done.



Search Engine Marketing

Let’s face it:


You have no time to waste.

You’ve got a cutthroat business to run, and when it comes to surviving in the digital marketplace, it’s kill or be killed. Even with the odds stacked up against you, you want to promote your business effectively, make a name for your brand, and get customers in the door — period. If you want to cut to the chase and invest in attracting organic traffic to your site, we can help. Paid search advertising listings, like Google Ads and other Pay per Click (PPC) services, are a quick, no-frills way of driving traffic to your site without excessive time expenditures.


Complete SEM service from a small, dedicated agency

The world of SEM is ever-evolving. You need a progressive ad campaign that will evolve with it. What you want: to get more clicks, leads, and sales. To achieve measurable, controllable, and cost-effective results. And to dominate SERPs through paid search engine marketing. You’re in the right place. With The Web Guys at the helm, there’s no better way to boost the traffic to your website and engage directly with your audience. We get your paid advertisements seen and noticed by the right audience across social media channels. We promote a broad marketing mix that integrates search engine marketing in versatile ways. The Web Guys manages all your online advertising needs. Our team of highly skilled SEM experts creates relevant, engaging adverts using cutting-edge technology and expertise in PPC bidding measurement and optimisation. Let us do the groundwork so you can see instant results that drive organic traffic, generate inbound leads, and get your brand out in the open.


How our SEM experts can help

Search engine marketing (SEM) encompasses a wide range of strategies, all of which are designed to make your website more visible when someone uses a search engine, like Google, to make a search query. If someone is looking for your business, industry geographic area or niche market on the internet, it is vital your website appears prominently in search engine results pages — or it will never have a chance to deliver value to your business or to your foregone customers. Across many industries, from tech to eCommerce to trade, we offer a fully integrated approach to search engine marketing. Our SEM gurus look at the bigger picture to exceed your businesses requirements and bring something extra to the table. Through the expert implementation of search engine optimisation and pay-per-click advertising (either apart or in carefully calculated combination), we design SEM campaigns that work. We endeavour to be your trusted partner as you launch your next successful SEM digital marketing campaign — so we can show you what all the fuss is about.


A transparent, hands-off approach

What’s more: we partner with you in a totally transparent way. Our clients have full access to their Google Ads accounts throughout the whole PPC advertising campaign journey. You can even opt to receive frequent updates along the way to track the performance of your ad campaigns and know just how well they’re working for you. We work alongside you to know the ins and outs of your business, familiarise with your relevant goals, and develop concise Google Ads that reach your ideal target audience.


Our boutique, grassroots ethos is grounded in relationships, integrity and service.

We are committed to cultivating strong, transparent client relationships. Through every phase of the SEM journey, we work to earn your trust by communicating clearly, setting realistic goals and timelines, and delivering easy-to-see, apparent results. You’ll know precisely what we’re up to, how it’s working, and have access to progress reports and status updates at all times. We make sure you can enjoy the freedom and peace of mind of unrestricted access to the best possible SEM results. Through the use of innovative SEM solutions, The Web Guys will help you reach the right people at the right time. And when it comes to your ROI, SEM offers great return on investment for enterprise businesses and growing brands like yours. When you partner with us, you can expect noticeable improvements in both brand awareness and conversion rates. We position your brand at center stage, in the spotlight, where it can be seen and heard. Through the implementation of clever design, concise SEM tactics, and catchy visual content and visual branding, we plug in precise formulas for grabbing your target audience’s attention. But we don’t stop there — we implement proven strategies that bring action to your advertisements and encourage direct consumption of your branded content. Whether you have an existing marketing strategy and Google Ads account or you’d like us to set up a new blueprint for you, we’ll work with you to build an effective, tailor-made ad campaign that suits your needs. We have hands-on SEM experience working with all business sizes, from startups to large companies with dedicated marketing budgets. We also monitor ad campaign performance on an ongoing basis. Stay on top of your metrics with top-notch conversion tracking and analytics that make sure you’re meeting your ongoing ad campaign performance goals.


We shape ad campaigns with layers of dimension.

Looking for more than just Google? We’ll publish your display ads cross-platform to bring awareness to your brand from multiple arenas at once. We can get you visible on popular, well-trafficked platforms including Bing, YouTube, Facebook, and more. We at The Web Guys are value-centric. We want to maximize your time, your dollars, and your trust in us. That’s why we’ve designed a search engine marketing pricing scheme that’s based upon the real time and resources required for your project, regardless of activity. We offer equitable SEM solutions to businesses of all sizes and scopes. Build brand authority. Shape the future of your business. Start something today. Give us a call.

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