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If you’re not testing, you’re not succeeding

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User testing

User who?

Is your plumbing and gasfitting website talking to fellow plumbers rather than a working mum who is way more likely to need your services? Did you create an app with the objective of meeting a deadline (or worse, out of peer pressure)? Was your website made by a company outside New Zealand that doesn’t really get how Kiwis talk to each other and what our obsession is with energy drinks and loading Italian dishes like pizzas with other Italian dishes like spaghetti? 

A key part of the insights process is understanding who your users are and involving them as you make your digital strategies. As marketing folks, we can get trapped in an echo chamber filled with just other marketing people. We know that because we do that ever so often. And that’s exactly when user testing comes to our rescue. By bringing us back to who we’re doing all this for: your customers.

user testing

Campaigns that work


You need to know your customer and one of the best ways to do that is by testing

Testing helps you understand the likes and dislikes of your customers and create products and experiences that, quite simply, work for them. Testing is not only important from a design perspective but also from a business one. If you don’t test, you end up with products that are irrelevant (giving you zero ROI) or worse, offensive (in which case, your brand name will be tarnished and you may never recover from the damage to your company’s image). To put it simply, if creating a new product or experience is like walking a tightrope between two mountains, not testing it is like wearing a blindfold and expecting to succeed.


Humans building for humans

Often, you forget that the person visiting your website is, first and foremost, a person. Even if they are separated by a thin online veil. Their aspirations, needs, anxieties and demands are every bit real. Because, very often, you yourself are that person for another brand or company. Which is why as humans we still Google “how do I make a good website” rather than “website design” even if the latter is the most efficient way to do it. And that is why having breathing, laughing, working Kiwis look after your digital marketing is such a good idea. At The Web Guys, when we create digital marketing strategies, we recognise ourselves as humans so we can make things for others like ourselves. And because like them, we are far from perfect people, we keep testing, failing, learning and getting back up on our feet. Over and over and over again.


Perfection is overrated

We don’t go gaga over delivering a perfect product. We believe perfection is temporary and quite frankly, overrated. There will always be improvements to be made, site elements to be optimised, and design and content changes to be implemented. This requires continuous user testing. Testing is at the heart of our learning process. We keep testing, failing, learning, failing some more, learning some more, and eventually getting a small win. Then we do the process all over again. And we do it for all our clients.


Keeping an ear to the ground at all times

Consumer testing is not a one-off process. It is ongoing and dynamic because the people we do it for are dynamic. Their tastes and preferences change over time, and as digital marketers, we need to respect that. As we glean insights from data and understand the wants and needs of fellow New Zealanders (and at times, customers from other parts of the world), we never presume to be experts and know everything. Whether we are creating an app for a new business or helping an established brand do better, we keep our feet firmly planted on the ground and stay open to learning, always. By employing testing methods like A/B testing, we are able to know exactly what is working and what needs changing.


Time-tested, people-tested digital strategies

At The Web Guys, we put customers at the heart of everything we do. This means continuously monitoring customer data like conversion, bounce rates and more. Having access to these metrics and analytics lets us rejig marketing campaigns with ease and in a timely manner, avoiding expensive failures later. When you live and breathe digital marketing like we do, you realise there’s no time to rest on your laurels. We take every day as a fresh opportunity to learn a bit more about your customers, improve our strategies, and help your business grow and prosper. Book a call with us today to see how we can put our tried-and-true methods to work for you.

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