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Terms of Service

Terms of Service

1. Introduction

These terms, along with Privacy Policy, apply to all Services that we (“The Web Guys”) provide to you anytime, whether now or in the future. In the case of conflict between these terms and the provisions in any other agreements or documents relating to the Services, these terms shall apply and shall be paramount and supersede the conflicting provisions.

2. Services

We may provide you with one or more Services, including:

  • Software, Telecommunications & Hosting Solutions;
  • Project Work;
  • Dedicated Staff Solutions; and
  • Additional Services.

In addition to any terms and conditions specified in the relevant Terms of Reference, the Services are subject to the further terms and conditions as set out below.  Where there is any conflict between the terms and conditions in the relevant Terms of Reference and these terms of service, these terms shall prevail to the extent of the inconsistency unless we have expressly stated in the Terms of Reference that the Terms of Reference is to prevail.


i. Software, Telecommunications & Hosting Solutions

a) We will provide the Software, Telecommunications & Hosting Solutions you have selected in the Terms of Reference and you will be billed the Subscription Fee applicable for the provision of those Services.

b) We will use all reasonable endeavours to:

  1. Provide the Software, Telecommunications & Hosting Solutions with skill, care and substantially in accordance with any specifications for those Services as set out in the Terms of Reference;
  2. Ensure the Software, Telecommunications & Hosting Solutions are available for your use from any agreed commencement date.  You acknowledge that we may need to wait for certain Services to be provisioned by our Carriers and other suppliers so we will not be liable to you for any delay in the commencement of the Services to the extent that delay is caused by you or any third-party (including any Carrier or other supplier).
  3. Provide you with consistent and reliable Software, Telecommunications & Hosting Solutions. We use professional data centres and hosting facilities, but we are dependent on services provided by our suppliers (including, but not limited to, our Carriers) and do not warrant there will be no faults or interruptions to our Software, Telecommunications & Hosting Solutions. When access to the Software, Telecommunications & Hosting Solutions is disrupted or there is a fault, we will use our reasonable endeavours to reinstate the Software, Telecommunications & Hosting Solutions as soon as possible after we are made aware of such interruption or fault.

We will deliver the Software, Telecommunications & Hosting Solutions to you in whatever way we deem to be most appropriate. We can at our sole discretion (and at any time) choose to change Carriers or any other suppliers.

We reserve the right to remove or change any Software, Telecommunications & Hosting Solutions we may have offered from time to time and either replace them with new Services or move you on to the most similar or suitable Software, Telecommunications & Hosting Solution then on offer to our clients. If we do remove or change a Software, Telecommunications & Hosting Solution that affects you, we will give you as much notice as is practically possible but, in any case, not less than 30 days' notice.