A simple question with no easy answers. How much a website costs can depend on everything from website type and platform to functionality, design quality and performance.

In theory, you could build and launch a website for free. You will need a domain name and website hosting, both of which will cost you money, but they are separate from the process of getting a website.

The huge downsides with this option include the massive learning curve and the time it will take. Website builders like Wix and Squarespace solve some of these issues as they take away a lot of the complexity of building a website especially in terms of coding knowledge. They are straightforward to use and, while you will need to allocate time and resources, you can usually get a new website built and online quickly.

However, there are significant limitations with website builders that make it close to impossible to develop a truly customised design with the features that you need.

Professional Website Design Costs

That brings us to professional website design costs. Even with this approach, costs can vary from hundreds of dollars to thousands for a typical small business website.

For instance, the price charged by a one-person operation will be very different from a full-service design agency. The full-service design agency will be more expensive, but they will also have more resources and a greater depth and range of expertise.

The Importance of Professional Website Design

If your objective is to get a website that is an asset to your business, showcases your brand, and assists with your sales and marketing efforts, you need to get your website professionally designed. There are simply too many variables that will cost you in the long run, both in time and expenses.

Therefore, the better approach to take when exploring your options for getting a new website is to focus on return on investment. How can you get a website that will help drive sales and growth in your business? How will you get a website that will proactively help you achieve your business goals?

Features of Professional Website Design

For the above things to happen, you need a website that has a genuinely unique design and features customised for your requirements. Your website also needs to have search optimisation (SEO) features so it can be found on Google by your customers. Plus, it needs to load quickly and be secure.

Crucially, it also needs to be designed with a focus on results. This includes having a design that optimises the experience for users on all devices, including phones. It also includes having conversion optimisation features to maximise the positive results you achieve from your site, i.e., sales, leads, enquiries, etc.

Driving Your Business Forward

A website, with all the above features (and these are just the bare minimum), could cost you a few thousand dollars. However, a good website will give you its money’s worth pretty quickly and will continue delivering for your business many years into the future.