You can get a website built for hundreds of dollars or thousands. Heck, you can even get one for free if you are prepared to do all the work yourself using one of the many website builders that are available. Why is there such a difference in price points, however? What do you get in a website that costs thousands (or more) that you don’t get in one that costs a few hundred.

As with everything in life, you get what you pay for. It’s a bit like buying a car. A Toyota Corolla is a reliable and popular car. It has four wheels, some doors, and a steering wheel, and it will get you from A to B. It is nothing close to the quality, specification, or attractiveness of a Mercedes-AMG GT, though. Of course, there is a substantial difference in price but, if you could, which would you prefer? The AMG GT wins that battle every time.

Differences in Website Cost

In terms of your website, you can get one built for a couple of hundred dollars, or even less. It will have your logo, details of what your business does including your products and services, and information on how to contact you. It may even appear in some search results pages and it might look okay.

However, this type of website is not in the same league as a professionally created website. Sure, the professional website will cost you more, but there is one major difference – it will be results oriented.

Focus on Results

A professionally created website will be designed so that it works for your business. This is important because there is no point having a website if hardly anyone visits it and, when they do, they leave without becoming a lead, contacting your business, or making a purchase. While a cheap website will cost you less, it is money down the drain if it doesn’t generate results for your business.

Here is just a small selection of the ways that a professionally designed website will generate results:

  • Uniqueness – cheap websites are built using templates. That’s why so many sites on the web all look the same. A professional website designer will create something unique that matches your brand.
  • Features – a professionally designed website will also have features that you can’t get on the cheap. This might include eCommerce functionality, a member’s area, code that makes your site run extra fast, and much more.
  • SEO optimised – a professionally designed website will also be optimised to ensure you appear as high as possible in search engine results.
  • Focus on conversions – this is achieved in a number of ways including the design of calls to action, placement of conversion elements, the quality of the writing, and more.
  • Focus on user experience – user experience, known as UX, will also be better on a professionally designed website. This includes things like navigational structure, readability, user flow, etc.

A final point to consider is that you should not focus on cost when looking at getting a website designed. Of course, you will have a budget that you will have to stay within. A much more important factor than cost, however, is a return on investment. Whatever you are being charged for your website, ask yourself will it generate leads and/or sales for your company. Results are everything.