Leads won’t come into your business via your website on their own. You have to make it happen by implementing features and strategies that turn website visitors into leads.

There are two main elements to the strategy:

  • The design of your website
  • Giving your visitors a compelling reason to give you their contact details

Making a Lead Generating Machine:

The design of your website can either get you leads or lose them. Here are some tips you should remember:

Focus above the fold

The area of your website above the fold is the part that visitors can see before they start to scroll. This is not the only part of the page where you should add lead generating elements, but it is the most important. Get this section right, and you are on your way to generating more leads. The following points will help.

Add your contact number

Make your telephone number as visible as possible. You can do this by adding it to the top of every page as well as to the bottom. Also, make it big so it catches visitors’ attention. You can even change the font or colour. You should also make it clickable for visitors on mobile devices.

Include strong calls to action

Firstly, you need calls to action on your pages. After all, if you don’t ask for leads you won’t get them. You then need to make the call to action strong. This means making the design of buttons stand out on the page. You should also use direct and specific text. In other words, avoid “Read More”, “Sign Up”, “Download” or other generic phrases as much as possible.

Get your forms right

Firstly, make sure you have forms on every. Next, make them as quick and easy to complete as possible. If you ask the visitor for too much information or if you make it more difficult than necessary to complete the form, they probably won’t.

Add exit popups

Exit popups are an excellent tool as they give you one last chance to turn a visitor into a lead. The key to their success is making the offer on the exit popup as enticing as possible.

Add social proof

Testimonials from real customers will help to establish trust with the visitor.

Add third-party proof

These are often referred to as trust seals. They are badges, logos, or other forms of content that show there is third-party proof of the ability of your brand. This includes awards you’ve won, details of publications your brand has appeared in, third-party reviews, or other forms of third-party verification.

Remove distractions

If there are unnecessary distractions on your page, visitors will click there rather than become a lead.

Give visitors something

You should also offer visitors a compelling reason to give your their email address and, possibly, other contact details. This could be a helpful eBook or report or it could be a free trial. You could also offer a free analysis or consultation. Make sure the offer is genuine, though. If everyone in your industry offers free consultations, or if the content of your eBook is readily available elsewhere on the internet, visitors will be unlikely to give you their contact details.

Finally, test every element on your page and every lead generation strategy you use. This is the only way to know what works and what doesn’t.