So, you need a new website built for your business. You might already have a website, or you might be getting a website designed for the first time – the process is largely the same in both situations. Here is an overview of the most important things you need to know about website design in Auckland to ensure your experience is as smooth and successful as possible.

Before You Start

The path to success starts before you even speak to a professional website designer. Most importantly, you need to know the type of website you need as well as your objective for the website. This could be:

  • To build your brand
  • To get as much traffic as possible
  • To generate leads for your business
  • To encourage people to visit your business in person
  • To generate e-commerce sales
  • To encourage people to download something, such as an app
  • To get people signed up to your mailing list
  • To get people to register with your business

In addition to deciding the objective of your website, you will also need to think about the following practical considerations:

  • Your budget
  • The content of your website – do you have branding, text, images, video, etc or will these need creating
  • How quickly you need the website finished

It is also helpful to think about the people who will use your website:

  • What style of website will appeal to them?
  • How will they find your website?
  • What will they expect when they click through to your website?
  • And more

Once you have thought about the above, you will be in a better position to start researching and speaking to website designers.

Tips When Choosing a Website Designer

  • Look carefully at the website designer’s experience. The more experience the website designer has, the better.
  • You should also look for designers who have experience developing websites similar to the one you want. This could be similar in style, or websites for businesses that are similar to yours.
  • Don’t base your decision entirely on cost. After all, you can get a website developed for a very low cost if you really want to. The quality will be poor, however. It is important, therefore, that you look at value for money rather than cost.
  • Consider the website designers other experience. Do they have experience running AdWords campaigns, for example, or in SEO?
  • Make sure the designer places sufficient emphasis on the mobile version of our website. In many situations, the mobile version is more important than the desktop version.
  • Check how long the website development process will take as well as finding out what the developer will require from you.
  • Find out about the after sales support you will get. You should also consider purchasing a support package.

The Development Process

The following is a typical website development process:

  • Meeting with you so the designer can get an understanding of your business and what you want from the website
  • Specification document created so you know exactly what the website developer will do
  • Creation of wireframe drawings outlining the structure
  • Sitemap creation outlining the navigational structure
  • Creation of design concepts
  • WordPress set up
  • Creation of the custom design
  • Uploading content
  • Testing
  • Site launch

To get more advice on website design in Auckland, or to get specific help with your project (including a free, no obligation quote), please contact a member of our team today.