There are lots of SEO consultants and agencies in Auckland and elsewhere who talk a good game, promising to do this and that to get you onto the first page of Google. How can you be sure they can deliver on their promises, however? One of the best ways to do that is to check where their own business appears in a Google search.

After all, if they’re good enough to do it for your business, they should be good enough to do it for their themselves too. In other words, they need to do more than talk the talk – they also need to walk the walk.


The Test

Here is a quick test – open a new browser window on your phone, tablet, or computer and go to Now type in the following keywords:

  • Website design
  • Google AdWords

What local companies do you see on page one for both these searches? They are the companies that can walk the walk, and we’re one of them at The Web Guys.

That’s right, for crucial keywords in our industry, we have a rock-solid position on page one of Google. We have been in this position for several years now and have received thousands of website visitors and business leads as a result.

How have we been able to do this? We can stay at on page one of Google for highly competitive keywords because we know what we are doing. Even when you put us up against other SEO agencies and consultants, we still rank higher. Shortcuts and tricks don’t work. Instead, you need to understand Google search and then develop and implement a strategy that will get you to page one.


What This Means for You

When we say we can help improve and/or solidify your position in Google, you can trust we will deliver. This means real and tangible results for your business with an SEO strategy that works. We will use many of the same techniques we use to get our own website onto page one, plus we will customise the strategy to the specific needs and requirements of your business.

One thing you won’t get from us is a guarantee of results. Such guarantees are simply impossible to give, and you should be highly cautious of any so-called expert who promises you page one of Google – or even top spot.

The reality is nobody can be 100 percent sure of what Google will do, even with an effective SEO strategy. In addition, those that make specific guarantees usually deploy risky SEO techniques that will probably result in a Google penalty for your website, leaving you in a worse position than you were before.

Instead of offering fake promises or guarantees, we stand on our reputation. We implement SEO strategies every single day and, with our own website, you can see the results we can achieve.

So, forget the fancy sales pitches and often-incomprehensible jargon. Concentrate instead on what you can actually see on Google, i.e. The Web Guys’ website ranks highly, and we can help yours too.